Total Lubricant Diagnostics & Maintenance Services

Brewer-Hendley is a lubricants and fuels distributor based in the Carolinas.
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Services We Offer:

  • Onsite Oil Reclamation
    Hydraulic Oil
    Gear Oil
    Oil Flushing
    Oil System Pipe Flushing
    Industral Oil & Fluid Analysis
    Lubricant Diagnostics & Maintenance

Project Details

  • Oil Filtration System

Vacuum Dehydration

To Maximize the life of your oil, we identify and remove all harmful contaminants.

Brewer-Hendley Professional Services uses a vacuum dehudration process to achieve pure oil quality. We never remove oil additives with our process. Instead, we remove volatile contaminants such as water. Our water removal process offers many rewarding results: Reduces premature oxidation Improves Bearing Life Prevents Corrosion of machine components Reduces premature failure and extensive wear due to reduced lubricating ability.

Ultra Fine Filtration

During the ultra-fine filtration process, we use state of the art filtration technology to remove sub-micron particles from oil. Benefits of ultra-fine filtration include: Extended pump and servo valve life Significantly reduces hydraulic component surface abrasion, which can cause improper sealing and poor performance. Substantially increases the life of hydraulic and lubrication systems. All quality assured, we guarantee our processed oil will meet and even exceed ANY equipment manufacturer specification for ISO cleanliness.

Turbine Oil Reclamation

Our turbine oil purification procedures are in accordance with ASTM D6439-11 and meet the approval of Mobil, Chevron, and Citgo manufacturing engineers. High levels of water and particulate contamination can be detrimental to the life of a turbine bearing. Our vacuum dehydration oil purification systems (VDOPS) is equipped with both an inline particle counter and moisture meter, to ensure reclaimed oil quality. Through vacuum dehydration we are able to remove emulsified water levels below 40 parts per million which can give bearings up to an additional 200% life and perfomance. Our kidney loop flushing service allows us to connect directly to the turbine lube oil reservoir and flush the system while it continues to operate, or we can provide certified clean tanks to transfer oil into for reclamation during reservoir cleaning and maintenance. Our reclamation not only provides a cost saving benefit, but also reduces unit downtime while increasing fluid longevity.

Hydraulic Oil Reclamation

Our service is catered to reclaming hydraulic oil whereby the removal of emulsified water and dirt contamination is critical.

The reclamed hydraulic oil will exceed servo valve cleanliness specifications. In most cases where a heat exchanger ruptures and floods a hydraulic oil reservoir with water, it may take 4-6 oil changes to completely remove water from a system, which can become costly. Our kidney loop flushing service is a cost effective solution. Our system not only removes free water from the reservoir but also removes emulsified water from oil that my reside within system lines and cavities. This service can be performed while the machine continues to operate, therefore eliminating downtime.

Gear Oil Reclamation

Our service removes dirt and water contamination from gear oil as it collects in sumps and reservoirs.

Oil Flushing Service

Dirt contamination can also become an issue within reservoirs.

Our flush service targets and removes these contaminants restoring the system back to the recommended ISO cleanliness level. Our units are equipped with on-site oil analysis equipment therefore we can continuously monitor the oil’s condition and keep our customers updated on a regular basis. We also use state of the art moisture sensory technology that aids in our ability to remove moisture levels approximately 80% less than the amount found in standard virgin fluids. Lower moisture levels in fluids can promote longer bearing life and hinder oxidation from forming within the fluid. On-Site Oil Flushing Services are catered to fit the specific needs of each customer. In situations where a heat exchanger ruptures and floods an oil system with water it can become costly to drain and refill a reservoir until the oil clarity has returned. Some industrial experts estimate it can take 5-6 drain and refill intervals to return the system back to a suitable condition. Our water removal service reduces the cost of having to go through this process. Incorporates: High Velocity Oil Flushing Hot Oil Flushing No need to worry about machine downtime. Our on-site oil flushing service can be performed while the unit is in operation. By keeping the unit in operation while our flush commences it allows the entire sustem to be flushed of water/dirt contamination. This eliminates the risk of hidden contaminants that may reside within oil lines and other piping components.

Oil System Pipe Flushing Service

Many engineering and industrial contracting firms provide full oil system piping installations that require pipe and reservoir flushing services right before the unit is operational.

Running new fluid through piping that has not been cleaned/flushed properly may increase the chance of component failures during the initial startup. With our hydraulic piping and system flushing services our operators are able to connect to individual pieces of piping, partially connected piping, and directly to the hydraulic reservoir. After the cleanliness levels have been met our operators will provide a certificate of analysis on-site. High Velocity Oil Flushing We provide a high velocity hot oil flushing services that ensures the internal workings of the newly installed pipe to meet the established cleanliness requirements needed for new systems. On-Site Fluid Analysis Through the use of portable ISO calibrated particle counting equipment and moisture sensors our operators are able to continuously monitor the fluid cleanliness on-site and ensure that all piping and/or reservoirs have been flushed to the desired target ISO cleanliness level. Chemical Flushing Option We also offer a biodegradable flushing solution that is designed to remove free welding slag, dirt, grease, etc. from inner pipe cavities prior to system startups. Our high velocity flushing services allows us to achieve turbulent conditions within the piping in order to remove contaminants. Piping is then flushed with new hydraulic fluid in order to remove all the residual biodegradable flushing solution and to achieve the desired target ISO cleanliness level. Full Report After each new hydraulic system installation flushing service, we issue a full detailed report which outlines what measures were taken to properly flush each section of the system. This report includes additional independent ISO laboratory certicfication as a means to verify that all inner workings of the system reservoir and piping have been efficiently cleaned.

Industrial Oil & Fluid Analysis

Our Oil and Fluid Analysis services have helped every level of industry grow accustomed to the substantial returns that come from a small investment.

Oil and Fluid Analysis is vital for industrial equipment utilized in a wide array of industries and that is expected to maintain a high level of production. Meeting this demand is dependent on reliable, well-maintained equipment. Successfully monitoring fluid condition with laboratory oil and fluid analysis can ensure equipment uptime and minimize maintenance costs. Our industrial oil and fluid testing encompasses all fluid conditions for a variety of applications. Power Generation Turbine oil analysis has been recognized by the power generation industry as a critical monitoring process. It has long recognized that continually monitoring these fluids is necessary to ensuring long, trouble-free operation. Routinely evaluating and analyzing oil degradation and wear allows plant maintenance and reliability personnel to execute a cost-effective, preventative maintenance program. Machine and Building Maintenance We offer a full range of oil and fluid analysis services and oil condition monitoring (ocm) for effectively monitoring critical component and machine fluid condition - whether that equipment is used for supplying building power, heating or cooling (HVAC). Process Manufacturing Machine condition monitoring based on oil analysis has become an important, if not mandatory, maintenance practice for many manufacturing companies producing all sorts of products. An effective oil analysis program will keep your equipment running through effective condition monitoring of oil wetted components. Petrochemical Today’s refineries operate 24/7. Enhanced equipment reliability, improved maintenance scheduling and planned maintenance are all part of a world class condition monitoring program through oil sampling. Waste Treatment Utilities are putting greater emphasis on environmental conservation and a focus ondelivering critical services while operating under reduced budgets. Oil analysis as part of arobust maintenance program is a very cost effective way of meeting these requirements. Metalworking Contaminated metalworking fluids can cause serious health, environmental, tooling, and product quality problems. Metalworking fluids testing provides information essential to maintaining your fluids health.