BH Accepts Gold & Diamond Awards

Brewer-Hendley accepts the Chevron Medalist  Gold & Diamond Awards that Brewer-Hendley received by achieving the goals below.
Fifteen marketers will be Chevron’s guests as winners of a memorable Gold Achievement Award Trip in 2015. The LMs with the highest overall point total from each of the six business areas in the US and one in Canada will win a Gold trip.
In addition, there will be 8 “Wild Card” winners as the top eight marketers in points regardless of the business area or Canada (excluding the winners previously announced) will also win. In addition, the top two finishers in the Coolant Loyalty Promotion will also earn Gold trips.
1st Source and Strategic LMs with total purchases (including MSA volume) of BDP qualifying Chevron-branded products, exceeding 1.5 million gallons during the 2014 Partnership Recognition Program will be welcomed into the Diamond Club and will receive an award acknowledging their accomplishment.