Don Ward Award

Brewer-Hendley had the honor of receiving the Don Ward Industry Excellence Cup Award.


Don Ward Industry Excellence Cup Criteria

In 1998 NCPMA’s Public Relations Committee and Board of Directors established a new

corporate level award in honor and recognition of Don Ward who served as NCPMA’s Executive

VP for 43 years. The award will be presented to the outstanding member firm that meets the

criteria below. The award will be presented at the Annual Convention.

North Carolina Petroleum & Convenience Marketers

Don Ward Industry Excellence Cup

Criteria to use in making nominations:

A member firm must be involved for at least 10 years directly in the petroleum business or in

support of the petroleum industry.

A firm whose principals and/or personnel are:

Active in civic or community affairs.

Active in county, multi-county and statewide promotion of the oil industry.

Continuously active on committees of various trade associations.

Attend and participate at NCPCM meetings.

Exhibit high levels of character, integrity and respect from fellow member


Promote employee relations documented by longevity or employees

Promotes involvement of new and useful ideas to the industry.

The Rules for selection are as follows:

All member firms in the NC Petroleum & Convenience Marketers will be eligible.

The first year, the President shall appoint a secret committee consisting of three committee

members who are ineligible for the award.

Each year thereafter, the President will appoint a secret committee giving preference to past


Winners of the award will not be eligible to repeat.

It is not mandatory that the award be presented each year.

Past Recipients:

1998 E.J. Pope & Son Mount Olive, NC

1999 Huffman Oil Co. Burlington, NC

2000 Sampson-Bladen Oil Clinton, NC

2001 Hatch, Little, Bunn – LLP Raleigh, NC

2002 Campbell Oil Elizabethtown, NC

2003 Quality Oil Winston-Salem, NC

2004 Berico Fuels Greensboro, NC

2005 Beroth Oil Winston-Salem, NC

2006 L.G. Jordan Oil Apex, NC

2007 Erwin Oil Durham, NC

2008 Eastern Petroleum Enfield, NC

2009 McNeill Oil Co. & Southern Sales Aberdeen, NC

2010 Not awarded because of the convention schedules.