Turbine Oils

Outstanding performance with the potential for maintenance savings.

Engineered to meet the performance requirements of MAN Diesel and Turbo, GST Premium 32 combines outstanding performance and delivers value through:

  • Exceptional oxidation and thermal stability
  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection
  • Minimum foaming
  • Rapid water separation.

Turbine Oils

Our range of turbine oils has been developed to deliver optimum value to your operation through enhanced protection, long oil life and high system efficiency. From high-temperature gas turbine systems to combined cycle systems with integral gearing, our products can protect your equipment from corrosion and minimize the build-up of deposits and lacquer in turbine bearings and control valves.

GST ® 2300 Oils

Designed to meet the critical lubrication needs of combined cycle turbines, large heavy-duty industrial gas turbines, and gas and steam turbines with and without loaded gearboxes. GST 2300 oils have exceptional high temperature thermal stability, outstanding oxidation stability and low sludge and varnish formation. The oils meet or exceed OEM requirements, including those from General Electric, Siemens Westinghouse, Solar, MAG Cincinnati Machine P-38, British Standard 489, DIN 51515 and ASTM D4304.

GST Oils

Designed for non-geared gas, steam, and hydroelectric turbines bearing lubrication. They have exceptional thermal and oxidation stability, plus nonvolatile oxidation and corrosion inhibition to help minimize turbine down time.

Synthetic Turbine Oil SGT

A premium performance, synthetic polyol ester-based turbine lubricant for use in modified aviation-type gas turbines in stationary and marine service. A special additive system imparts excellent high temperature thermal and oxidation stability.

Regal® R&O

Recommended for use in electric motor bearings, air compressors, gears, hydroelectric turbines, steam turbines, marine turbines, and non-heavy duty hydraulic systems where OEM recommends R&O type oils. Multifunctional characteristics may allow for reduced inventory and operating costs.