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Gear Lubricants

Gear Lubricants are used to keep the gear systems at a cool temperature while clearing the system of any debris and unwanted particles, and are important for the care and maintenance of your gear systems. Without the layer of protection that gear lubricants provide, the gear systems would experience extreme wear and costly damage leading to catastrophic failure. Gear lubricants are also used to keep gear systems working quietly. They add a layer of protection that not only helps prevent damage, but it also keeps the noise from the system to a minimum.

Tegra® Synthetic Gear Lubricants

Recommended for all types of enclosed industrial gearboxes, especially those running continuously at temperatures up to 107°C (225°F) or exposed to very cold temperatures as low as -46°C(-50°F), or under severe service conditions, such as heavy loads or low speeds.

HiPerSYN® Oils

Provide outstanding thermal and oxidation stability for industrial bearings and gears that require an R&O-type synthetic gear oil. .

Delo® Synthetic Gear Lubricant

Designed to offer outstanding thermal and oxidation stability and to meet all OEM warranty requirements. A fully synthetic lubricant, it offers excellent lubrication in both extremely hot and extremely cold environments. It is recommended for use in rear axles and differentials operating under extreme conditions.

Delo Gear Lubricant ESI®

Premium grade, multipurpose gear lubricants that are ideally suited for gear sets exposed to extremely high temperatures and loads. Their exceptional thermal and oxidation stability and antiwear performance permit longer gear life and optimal drain intervals.

Meropa® Lubricants

Premium quality extreme pressure gear oils with excellent load carrying capacity, water demulsibility, oxidation stability, and corrosion protection for industrial enclosed gearing where an AGMA extreme pressure lubricant is specified.

Open Gear Grease

For many open gears in industrial, mining, construction, and marine equipment. Open Gear Grease can also be used for chain and sprocket lubrication, or as a tenacious fifth wheel lubricant. .

Open Gear Lubricants NC

For open gears, wire ropes, cables; girth and pinion gears on rod and ball mills, rack and pinion gears on shovel dipsticks.

Pinnacle® WM 320

A high-quality, high-performance, fully synthetic gearbox lubricant, specially developed to withstand the shock loads and extreme environmental temperature variations experienced by wind turbines.

Cylinder Oils W

Recommended for lubrication of compressor cylinders and sliding worm gear surfaces in worm drive gear cases.

RPM® Arctic Gear Lubricant

Designed to provide excellent wear protection for automotive gear sets operating in extremely cold conditions, where fluidity of the lubricant is critical to protect gears and bearings. .

RPM Gear Oils

Recommended for many automotive or industrial equipment where the equipment suppliers recommend the use of a straight mineral oil. .

RPM Synthetic Gear Lubricant

Recommended as a rear axle and differential lubricant in over-the-road and off-road vehicles when operating under severe conditions and in extremely cold or hot environments.

RPM Universal Gear Lubricants

Multipurpose lubricants recommended for use in spiral bevel and hypoid differentials, power dividers, and oil-lubricated steering axle wheel bearings.

Ultra Gear Lubricants

Premium grade, multipurpose gear lubricants that provide outstanding oxidation, corrosion, and rust protection for gear sets exposed to extremely high loads, with requirements for longer drain intervals.

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