News/ 2014 / 01

We're going green!

We're going green!

Brewer-Hendley and Market Express are Going Green & doing their part to save the environment!

Market Express has upgraded to more efficient LED canopy & pole lights at their Indian Trail, Stallings, Hartsville and Griers stores, as well as adding T8 Fluorescent bulbs with electronic ballasts throughout the interiors. Their goal is to save over 50% energy usage in the areas where they upgraded these fixtures. In addition to energy savings, maintenance costs should decrease drastically due to the new bulbs having a much longer life.

Brewer-Hendley is also upgrading the entire office and warehouse to the much more efficient T5 and T8 Fluorescent bulbs and ballasts. In an effort to save even more energy, several areas in the warehouse will have motion sensors attached to the lights, only coming on while someone is working in the area and going off on a timer.

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